Herd Flock and Tsapi beach

Tsapi beach is about 25 minutes drive from Gargarou Retreat, past Koroni towards Finikounda. We passed a herd of goats on the road by the busy olive mill at Vasilitsi and later we watched a huge flock of birds from the terrace of a friends house near Tsapi beach, hearing the beating of their wings as they passed us several times.It is a beautiful drive through the valley surrounded by wild hills past Vasilitsi and down the road to Tspsi. The beach was deserted with wild seas and the sun bright and warm.


One thought on “Herd Flock and Tsapi beach

  1. Leni Crefeld

    I’ve never seen so many birds together. I know this was common in times gone by. It is just wonderful to see that they still congregate and pass over in the Peloponessus! Wonderful, very impressive!


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