spring wild flowers (part 1)

These magnificent photos were taken by Trond Arnesen who stayed at Gargarou over the spring of this year 2012. He is from Norway and a botanist; he spent much time searching out and identifying the plants here. Most of the photos were taken on our land and some on his walks around the local area. Our warmest thanks and gratitude to our good friend Trond………. All images copyrighted by Trond Arnesen
Allium roseum Rose garlic

Anagallis arvensis Pimpernel
Anchusa undulata Undulate anchusa

Anemone coronaria Crown anemone field below Villa Fig

Add cAnthemis chia Greek chamomile field by Villa Fig aption

Arundo donax Great (giant) reed

Asphodelus aestivus Common asphodel

Avena sterilis An oat

Ceratonia siliqua Judas tree by Koroni

Cerinthe major Honeywort

Chrysanthemum coronarium Crown daisy

2 thoughts on “spring wild flowers (part 1)

  1. İbrahim Berberoğlu

    The pictures are beautiful. Thank you for posting. I think the fifth flower from the bottom is probably sea squill (Urginea maritima), not common asphodel.

  2. Trond Arnesen

    Hello Ibrahim,
    Thanks for your thoughts on the Asphodel. Sea squill and common asphodel is much alike in flower shape, although A usually has longer petals and flower buds. But if I had included the leaves in the picture, you would not be in doubt. They are narrow and long… just as you find with A.
    Trond Arnesen


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